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Collector 2011

The collections industry is a rough environment, in order to succeed there, it's crucial that you deploy best practice technologies to maintain your competitive edge.

Collector 2011 is a Debt Collection Application with the stability and features stability to carry you to the top. It provides a very easy to use, Microsoft Office style user interface, connected to a modern SQL Relational Database. It has facilities for data entry, manipulation and printing of information related to the process of Debt Collection.

Its purpose is to help you increase your portion of the collections market and keep you clients happy.

WHAT CAN our Collector DO FOR YOU?

  1. Provide a Structured, Methodical User Interface and Reporting System for increasing your Collection of Debts owed by companies or individuals.
  2. Improves cash flow by speeding up the recovery process
  3. More Collections coming in means more profits and improves the image of your company
  4. Improves staff productivity by automating a number of routine procedures
  5. Provides immediate access to all essential customer information and history records
  6. Provides complete control by centralizing management of debt related information including audit trails
  7. Enables accurate reporting and analysis via a suite of Management and Collector Reports
  8. Give you all-round Superior customer service 365 days a year
  9. Ensure Ongoing upgrades and feature additions keep you on the cutting edge of new development

Detail Features

  1. Account Statements: lists all payment and cost transactions for a Debtor, Client or Attorney
  2. Transaction Reports: details all transactions during a specified period (month end or any specified range
  3. Account Statements: lists all payment and cost transactions for Attorneys
  4. Automates much of the business and court documents preparation
  5. You can set up multiple Accounts for each Client at different Rates
  6. Collector performance measured from Payments to accounts managed by them
  7. Flexible Promise Payments system with Automatic Scheduling
  8. Safeguards against NSF Checks: a user can put a Hold on a debtor payment until verification
  9. User To-do List for Reminders and Work Tracking, especially useful to Collectors
  10. The database of Debtors can be use for future credit checking
  11. Easy Payment Reversals when required
  12. Data can be easily exported to Word/Excel for other office purposes
  13. Tracks letters sent to Debtors
  14. Extensive Debtor and Debtor Account Notes
  15. Has many Data Views (spreadsheet-like windows) allowing you to Query, Sort, group and summarize records
  16. SQL database with Ad-hoc querying and Creation of User-Reports via popular Reporting Tools
  17. Application Workgroups determine what program features users have access to after login
  18. Context-Sensitive Help throughout the Program

Sample Screens are shown below

Client and Debtor Contacts:

Contact information for a person or company (e.g. a client or debtor) is entered into the database a single time. At any later date, the same entity can be given additional roles such as Debtor, Client, Attorney, Debtor Contact etc. At least two current addresses can be added per Debtor, but the system can store and retrieve any amount of historic address changes.
Extensive Notes with specific dates can also be kept by Collectors.

Debtor Accounts:

Accounts are set up for Collectors to store the results of communications with Debtors and to monitor payments. Extensive tracking, maintenance and reporting facilities are built in for account management to ensure Collectors are always up to date in their interactions with both Debtors and Clients.
Collectors can print daily Reports of their Debtors and have a handy To-do list to assist planning.

Debtor and Client Payments to the Collection's Department:

Payment Receipts are also fully integrated on-line with Debtor and Client Accounts.

  • The Debtor's new Account Balance is available immediately after payments.
  • Client Statements can be generated at any time after postings for any period.
  • There's an option to print the Debtor's Account # at the Client on Debtor Receipts.
  • A Promise-To-Pay tracking system is also available with automatic scheduling.
  • 1-click (mouse) Payment Reversal - easily undo mistakes or canceled payments.
  • Non-Cash payments can be kept entered but put on Hold pending verification, and released later.
  • B2B payments by Clients for moneys received directly from Debtors or other reasons is facilitated.
  • There are several Payment reports reports for internal use and for sending to Clients.

Accounting System:

An Accounting System is built-in to handle Accounts Payable, Receivable and General Ledger. It allows non-collection information such as rent, utility and other business functions to be added as transactions.
You can export transactions to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Application.

Legal System:

Court actions taken against debtors both in the Magistrates Court and High Court increase the Debtor's Account costs automatically.

  • Statements of fees can be generated for Attorneys during any selected time period or just monthly.
  • Lists of cases to be sent to the Courts can be printed
  • Notices (letters) to Debtors of proposed Lawsuits can be printed

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