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  • Excellent Customer Support
  • MS Windows Applications
  • MS Office Programming
  • ASP Web Applications
  • Business Report Design
  • Legacy Data Conversions
  • I.T. Training & Consulting

"... SigmaSoft has the best response time of any IT Service Provider that I have ever come into contact with..." - Shane Sandiford, FCCA'
S.P. Musson Son & Co. Ltd

"... SigmaSoft displayed a high degree of professionalism in taking time to understanding our business processes in order to provide a best-fit solution..." - Nicholas Rock, National Insurance Office

"... On the odd occasion that problems occurred, SigmaSoft Inc. was always available to provide immediate assistance." - Paul Daniel, First Caribbean International Bank

Microsoft Office Interface & Visual Basic for Applications Development (VBA)

MS Office Style Interfaces

Although at the heart of much heated debate, it is still a known fact that the number of Microsoft Windows Operating System users are still significantly more than users of all other operating systems out there. Most users are comfortable or have grown accustomed to the ever popular duo of Microsoft's Windows operating system and Office System Suite. While we are not about to fuel any fires, we have taken the position of designing our applications similar to the look and feel of the Microsoft Office Suite.

For our clients, we believe this approach is conducive to shorter learning curves whereby users can extract more operational information from training sessions. Our applications have a more professional look and with the expertise we apply to designs, our User interfaces are always very concise and pleasing to the eye.

From late 2003, application menus for our Windows development took on the look of Microsoft Office 2003. The overall dividends to our Clients are increased productivity within their organizations.

Visual Basic for Applications Development (VBA)

There's great power under the hood of your favorite Office application - VBA programming power, and we can show you how to tap that power to release some of the stress of everyday, boring repetitive routines.

Here's a list of items we want to Help you with:

  1. Unleash VBA programming power in the office - Reduce the spreadsheet shuffle!
  2. Connecting your Office Application to your databases to view and extract Data
  3. Loading Database records into Microsoft Word.
  4. Merging your documents with Database records, typically names and addresses
  5. Train staff in Microsoft Access Database SQL and Access Reporting

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