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"... SigmaSoft has the best response time of any IT Service Provider that I have ever come into contact with..." - Shane Sandiford, FCCA'
S.P. Musson Son & Co. Ltd

"... SigmaSoft displayed a high degree of professionalism in taking time to understanding our business processes in order to provide a best-fit solution..." - Nicholas Rock, National Insurance Office

"... On the odd occasion that problems occurred, SigmaSoft Inc. was always available to provide immediate assistance." - Paul Daniel, First Caribbean International Bank


At SigmaSoft Inc. we pride ourselves on reliable, fast customer service and excellence in all of our products. Some of the clients we have worked for include FirstCaribbean International Bank, Barbados Investment & Development Corporation, Signia Financial Group. In fact, here’s what our clients are saying about us.

Fortress Fund Managers Ltd. is a Barbados based Fund Management Company which manages five Mutual Funds

November 17, 2009
"In 2008 SigmaSoft was contracted by Fortress Fund Managers to create a comprehensive Share Register program for our funds. SigmaSoft proved themselves professional with a keen eye for detail. The final product has exceeded our expectations and SigmaSoft continues to help tweak and modify the product as we identify new areas of functionality."

Philip McKeever, Project Manager Tel. (246) 431-2198 , (246) 430-1377

Office of the President - Government of Guyana

January 14, 2008
SigmaSoft Inc. was contracted by the government of Guyana in 2007 to develop software for monitoring and evaluation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Program. SigmaSoft successfully completed this assignment to the satisfaction of the Government over a period of four months. In the process, they demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, effectively communicating with and training government officers of varying technical backgrounds and providing timely deliverables to meet contractual milestones despite the difficulty of operational issues not unusual to government bureaucracies.

Katherine Marshall, Head, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, Policy Coordination and Programme Management Unit

S.P. Musson Son & Co. Ltd

November 8, 2007
“Estate Master is like a breath of fresh air compared to our previous property management program. Quick and easy access to menus and entering data by the simple click of a mouse are the most noted features. In addition, SigmaSoft has the best response time of any IT Service Provider that I have ever come into contact with.”

Shane Sandiford, FCCA Accountant , Tel. (246) 429-5686

Signia Financial Group Inc.

October 5, 2004
“We desperately needed a program built to handle the transactions in our stock brokerage business that was comparable to the off-the-shelf packages available. SigmaSoft was able to create a Transaction Management program that has fulfilled all of our requirements and to date has proven to be extremely robust with us not having to go back to them with any bug fixes. SigmaSoft’s professional approach to handling us from inception to delivery was truly exceptional and this has been shown in the final product.”

Christopher P. Callender, Head Securities Trader, Signia Financial Group Inc.
Note: October 2006 – Signia Financial’s current Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Anthony Shaw

FirstCaribbean International Bank

“The BarCard, AmexCard and Downgraded transaction applications that were developed by SigmaSoft Inc. for the Card Centre at Barclays have been stable and dependable for the 3 years they have been in use. Whenever any changes were required to the applications SigmaSoft Inc. was always willing and eager to complete the work within the timeframes required by us. On the odd occasion that problems occurred, SigmaSoft Inc was always available to provide immediate assistance.”

Paul Daniel, Project Manager, Cards Integration Program

Barbados National Insurance Office

04 October 2004
“In 2001, SigmaSoft Inc was contracted to build a Debt Collection and Payment Receipt System for NIS. The company representatives displayed a high degree of professionalism in taking time to understanding our business processes in order to provide a best-fit solution in the shortest timeframe. Any issues arising from the Software implementation were promptly addressed and a resolution provided. After implementation, the application worked very well, and SigmaSoft representatives were always available when any questions arose. I am very happy to recommend SigmaSoft Inc. as a Software Development company.”

Ian St.C. Carrington, Director

“The Collector 2000 Application is presently implemented and used by approximately 20 users across our Collections, Compliance and Legal Departments and is integrated with our present legacy application systems.

We found the application to be user friendly, scalable with multiple users, responsive and reliable despite the slow response of our legacy systems. The implementation at the National Insurance Office involved a high degree of customization to facilitate our business processes and SigmaSoft Support services were always delivered in a prompt, timely, professional and competent manner.

We have no problems in recommending SigmaSoft Collector 2003 Application and Services to other businesses and organizations.”

Glyne Griffith - Network Administrator

ABR Financial Services

“... Your program [Collector 2000] has been in use for three years. It is very user friendly and extremely reliable. Our confidence in your system is at such an escalated level that we had no hesitation in using Collector to generate cash receipts. Your support services are always delivered in a prompt, professional and competent manner. Collector 2000 is an integral part of ABR and we will therefore continue to use it over the long term....”

Donald James, Operations Manager


“We are pleased to inform you that we have employed the services of SigmaSoft Inc. for the past five (5) years who have provided us with an advanced Debt Collection Database Management application called Collector 2000, which has allowed us to automate the collection and record keeping process of our debt collection operation, providing feedback through various reporting techniques. SigmaSoft Inc has also provided a similar Database Management application for our branch office in St. Lucia We therefore have no hesitation in recommending this company based on the reliability of the product sold and the service we have received at both offices over the years.”

Alexandra Harris, Director

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